Denver, CO



We thank Legendary #1 Jesús for his life, we know he has received an assignment for this Potential TOP/ Track Outdoor in Front Range Colorado. The administration welcomes you to the team if you will be serving for the first time or several times, we all serve Jesus with love and dedication giving our all.

    a) If you have not obtained the TOP certification of Track Outdoor de Potencial, it requires that you be certified to assign you a service position. We will send you the next dates to get certified if you indicate that you are not certified. Or on the day of the event you can present yourself with your certification if you received it at any other official location by legendarios.

    b) If you are a legendary Colorado local, you need to have your first aid training so that you can be trained to deal with specific situations. You can get it in the community where it is shared, you can also do it online if you prefer at the following link:

    The best hope is that we can be trained to serve each participant, team members, much better and with quality, and it is something that can be used even for our daily lives. We appreciate your understanding and support.